St. Johns Packaging produces the world’s first PCR content bread bag

St. Johns Packaging and Allied Bakeries are thrilled to announce the successful commercial launch of the first bread bag in the world supporting the use of post-consumer recycled content. The polyethylene bread bag film incorporates 30% PCR content from SABIC’s certified TRUCIRCLE™ PE resins produced via advanced recycling technologies.

This is a truly circular packaging project promoting the circular economy while maintaining the recyclability of the bag. It offers sustainable benefits such as a lower carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traditional bread bag produced with virgin plastics, while keeping the same performance, properties and food compliance. Furthermore, the incorporation of post-consumer recycled content gives value to plastic waste and helps promote its use in other packaging products, enabling a circular economy and contributing efforts to tackle the enormous challenge of improving recycling rates while finding solutions to the plastic waste issue.

The package is certified by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus program under a mass balance accounting system, which establishes transparent rules for tracking the material across the supply chain, from the waste collector and processor, all the way to the brand owner.

St. Johns Packaging is committed to developing sustainable and economically viable packaging solutions that reduce food and plastic waste. This breakthrough project is a collaboration with global partners and demonstrates the feasibility of reusing plastic waste in safe food-grade packaging rather than losing its value to landfill or incineration.



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