Wicket Bags – World’s Leading Wicket Bag Manufacturer

Manufacturing wicket bags is a core competency for St. Johns Packaging. We specialize in supplying custom wicket or wicketed poly bags that meet any type of application requirement across a variety of markets, including bread and bakery, fresh produce, frozen foods, personal care products and other industries.

Our offer includes many different styles and sizes, and all our wicket polyethylene (PE) bags are recyclable* and produced from innovative recyclable and safe materials.

Sustainable wicket bag packaging

Sustainability is a top priority for St. Johns Packaging. We produce sustainable wicket bags that are 100% recyclable*. Our company offers  packaging alternatives that allow companies to reduce material usage by downgauging without compromising performance and with other sustainable options such as recycled content, bio-based content, compostable or biodegradable materials.

St. Johns Packaging is committed to developing economically viable flexible packaging solutions that minimize food and plastic waste. Our products allow companies to reduce material usage by downgauging, without compromising performance. We strive to curb the environmental impact and carbon footprint while continuously developing superior quality wicket bags.

*Recyclable in municipalities that recuperate polyethylene bags.

We offer a wide range of wicket poly bag types

Our offer includes a wide assortment of premium wicket bags in various shapes and formats, with several sealing options customized to match your requirements.

Round bottom gusset bags

Our round-bottom wicket bags are designed with a unique shape to showcase the products, achieving a high shelf impact. These bags provide a memorable impression and strong protection from outside elements.

Square bottom gusset bags

St. Johns’ square bottom gusset bags are the perfect packaging solution for any product. These wicket bags provide a sturdy, boxy appearance, featuring a generous bottom gusset that allows it to hold more volume while requiring less material. The panelled look of these bags is perfect for adding graphics and labelling.

Innovation & Sustainability

100% of our PE bags are recyclable!*

They can be recycled at collection bins outside major retailers, as well as curbside in many municipalities that accept such products.

*Recyclable in municipalities that recuperate polyethylene bags.


They are also pre-qualified under the How2Recycle® program.

We also offer sustainable alternatives such as recycled content, bio-based content, compostable or biodegradable materials

Our wicket bags are extensively used in a variety of applications

St. Johns’ high-quality wicket bags can be customized to the demands of each customer, depending on the application of the bag. Our wicket bags are used across various markets for a variety of products, from bread, tortillas and pitas, to personal care and feminine hygiene products.

Wicket bread bags

Wicket bags are an excellent way to keep bread and baked goods fresh for a long time. Our wicket bags feature a bottom gusset that provides additional room for your products and can be closed with clips, ties, tape, or heat sealing.

Wicket fruit and produce bags

St. Johns offers a range of transparent or printed bags for fresh food products such as fruit and produce. Wicket dispenser allows for fast and easy bag filling, whether on a machine or a manual filling station.

Wicket frozen food bags

We manufacture top-notch wicket bags for frozen food with barriers that protect against oxidation and dehydration helping prevent food spoilage and freezer burn. Our wicket bags come in various formats and sizes with custom features like open/close zippers, vibrant HD graphics, tear notches and more.

Wicket diaper bags

St. Johns wicket diaper bags are created in a hygienic environment, with outstanding quality control that ensures our packaging is clean and safe. We supply wicket packaging with seamless finishing and incredible tear resistance, as well as a variety of features, such as vent holes and perforations.

Bags for feminine napkins & personal care products

Whether you are looking for wicket bags for feminine napkins, cleaning wipes or other personal care products, we have a bag for you. St Johns Packaging offers a wide range of bags for personal care products, customized to meet all packaging requirements.

Lawn and garden product bags

We have a broad selection of superior lawn and garden product bags with unique characteristics that will preserve active ingredients and secure the quality of the item inside. They come in numerous designs and sizes, depending on your preferences.

Wicket bag features

St. Johns’ sustainable wicket bags are fully customizable, with an extended assortment of packaging features, such as various gusset types, micro-perforations and vent holes, making your product look unique and keeping it safe and secure.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

St Johns Packaging produces wicket bags with resealable zippers that provide an easy-to-open option for effortless and convenient access to your products. We offer various zipper options, fully customizable depending on your requirements.

Vent holes

Degassing vent holes allow air to move through the bags and prevent it from bursting when squeezed or flattened. They help release trapped air increasing product filling rates and packaging efficiency.


St. Johns Packaging offers a variety of different sticker designs that will give your product an exclusive look, differentiate your products and enhance your branding.

Micro perforations

The micro-perforations in the packaging allow gas to filter through, which maintains more of a natural respiration rate and reduces spoilage.

Fully customizable

All our wicket poly bags are fully customizable. The number of bags per wicket, size and type of wicket can be adjusted to match your specific requirements.

Various gusset types

Our wicket bags come with a variety of gussets, like round or square bottom gussets. Each bag can be fully customized with the type of gusset that’s most suitable for your products and application.

Our wicket bags are designed to adapt to your manufacturing process

St. Johns Packaging wicket bags can be used with a manual operation as well as automatic and semi-automatic machines, and other high-speed packaging equipment. Wicket dispensers allow for increased packaging efficiency and higher filling rates, additionally contributing to their high cost-effectiveness.