Bread Packaging – Industry-Leading Bread Bags & Bakery Packaging Supplier

St. Johns Packaging has been a world-leading bakery packaging supplier for over 65 years, providing superior quality bread bags and baked goods packaging to companies worldwide. Our highly experienced team has a strong understanding of the bakery market and customer needs, and uses its expertise to fulfill all packaging requirements.

We specialize in creating custom wicket bags, which are the perfect packaging alternative for bread, tortillas, flatbreads, English muffins, and other baked goods. Our company also manufactures other flexible packaging solutions like custom pouches and rollstock film. All our plastic bakery bags can be completely customized to meet your packaging needs and your manufacturing process.

Sustainable bread bags and bakery packaging

St. Johns’ sustainable bakery packaging helps reduce material usage, food waste and environmental impact by extensive usage of innovative and sustainable materials.

We offer various sustainable packaging options, such as recyclable mono-material pouches, recycled content, bio-based content, biodegradable or compostable materials, etc. 100% of our PE wicket bags are recyclable, and allow companies to reduce material usage by downgauging, without compromising performance, as well as appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.


We offer a wide range of baked goods packaging types

Our offer includes three main baked goods packaging types: wicket bags, rollstock film and pouch packaging. Each option can be fully custom-tailored to the needs of each customer in terms of size, print, features, etc.

Wicket bags

St. Johns Packaging specializes in custom printed wicket or wicketed poly bags that keep bread and other bakery products protected and fresh for a long time. Wicket wire packaging expands the potential of wicket bags for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated packaging. Our wicket bags can be supplied in a variety of formats and sizes with different features such as zippers, round and square bottoms, stickers, and others.

Rollstock packaging

Our rollstock bakery packaging is designed to enable the production of quality products in industrial quantities. Rollstock films are a flexible and cost-effective way to package pastries, buns, pitas and other bakery products. Customized properties offer superior benefits for individual purposes. We can produce the right film for any application with our superior quality laminated/unlaminated rollstock that provides high barrier protection while creating a strong shelf impact and exterior appearance.

Pouch packaging

Pouch packaging is the perfect option for bakery products that need to be stored, transported and displayed. Ample space for product and branding information with HD graphics can help your brand stand out on retail shelves. We offer plenty of pouch options for baked goods, like side seals, round and square bottom or flat-bottom pouches. Optional features such as tear notches and open/close zippers make it easy and convenient to access delicate bakery products like cakes, pastries and cookies.

Our bakery packaging works perfectly for a variety of baked goods

We offer industry-leading flexible bread and bakery packaging, including wicket bread bags, rollstock and pouches for bread, pastries and other baked goods. Each packaging option comes with high barrier protection to keep your products fresh with an extended shelf-life, as well as custom features to improve the functionality and consumer convenience.

Bread bags

St. Johns specializes in superior-quality bread bags suitable for various bread types, from sliced bread and baguettes to small loaves. We offer a variety of high clarity wicket bags and other solutions with special features such as round and square bottom or matte printing. All of our bread packaging is made with food-safe materials, approved for food service, storage and handling.

English muffin packaging

We produce flexible English muffin packaging with an outstanding shelf appeal that maintains the freshness of its inner contents. You can choose the sealing type, size or format that you like and tailor a muffin packaging that answers your requirements as well as your customers’ needs. Our pouches and bags come with best-in-class clarity and gloss as well as custom HD print to maximize the appearance of your products.

Bakery bags for cookies

We supply a variety of cookie packaging solutions including premade pouches and bags. Cookie bags can come with optional clear plastic windows that display the contents and make your treats more attractive. Our flexible bakery bags for cookies are fully customizable and you can choose from an array of extra features like zipper and reclose options, customizable barrier, tear notches, and more.

Tortilla and pita bread bags

We offer clear, non-printed and custom printed tortilla and pita bags, with multiple features such as various gussets, closures, optional features, etc. Resealable tortilla bags are designed to preserve freshness and flavour while attracting customers’ attention with an appealing look. 

Hamburger and hotdog buns

St Johns provides high-quality packaging for hamburger and hot dog buns with superior shelf impact. These bags can be printed or clear to suit your requirement. Our packaging comes with higher cross-directional tear strength and high puncture resistance that increase performance

Plastic pastry bags

St. Johns’ plastic bags, pouches and rollstock are perfect for storage and display of all pastry products because they allow your goods to look attractive through high-quality graphics and excellent clarity polyethylene/polypropylene materials. Our pastry packaging can be custom printed and comes in different shapes and sizes. You can also choose from a variety of optional features like tearing serration and zippers that allow for easy open and closure of each bag.

Bread & bakery packaging features

St. Johns bread and bakery packaging offer an extended range of packaging features, from different types of gussets to various sealing options. We produce fully customizable bags that will allow your product to stand out from the competition.

Protective barrier

Our bread and bakery products packaging protects your baked goods from harmful elements like oxygen, water, water vapour, aromas, light, etc. Protective barrier helps shield bread and baked goods, preserving freshness and extending their shelf-life.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

Functional zippers make opening/closing of each bag effortless and convenient while also locking in aromas and preventing unwanted leaks and spills. Our bakery products packaging comes with a range of different resealable options like press-to-close zippers, Velcro®, and others.

Round and square bottom gussets

Choose from a wide range of gussets that increase functionality and provide more visibility for your baked goods. Round, flat and square bottom gusset bags offer a simple yet effective form factor that provides a stronger shelf impact and presents an attractive package for your target consumers.

Twist tie, clips and tape closure

Our wicket bread bags can be combined with twist ties, clips or tape closures. Great for ensuring bread is kept at its freshest for longer.

Vent holes

Vent holes allow for increased product filling rates and efficiency without affecting the design or quality of your goods.

Bakery bags with windows

Give customers a preview of your baked goods with our premium bakery bags featuring viewing windows to put your products proudly on display. You can also select bags that feature a completely clear front panel that reveal the pouch contents in all their glory.

Custom printed bakery bags

St. Johns Packaging offers superior print quality and high-definition flexographic technology, ensuring that your custom printed bakery bags have a premium look and feel. Printed packaging is a great way to individualize your product and differentiate your brand.

Variety of formats and sizes

All our baked goods packaging is fully customizable so that you can choose from a wide variety of formats and sizes. You have the opportunity to select any features you like and add them to your bag.

Our custom bread and baked goods packaging perfectly adapts to your manufacturing process

St. Johns flexible bread and baked goods packaging can be used with a manual operation, with automatic and semi-automatic machines, as well as with high-speed packaging equipment.

Our custom bread and baked goods packaging are designed to adapt to your manufacturing process. We ensure that all our orders are printed perfectly, no matter the size of your project.

We offer a big array of food-grade materials and substrates perfectly safe for packaging bread and baked goods. This includes PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, Tyvek, Cellophane, PLA, and Metallized film.