We are market leaders and supply bread bags to the leading baking companies

Our quality and service are second to none and our team is very experienced understanding the bakery market and customer needs

Our expertise comes from working over 65 years in this industry, providing our specialty: Wicket bags!



  • Our flexible packaging solutions, wicket bags included, can be supplied in a variety of format and sizes with different features such as zippers, round and square bottom, stickers, and others
  • We extrude our own film and can provide material with up to 5 layers, with the highest quality and customized properties for the most demanding applications
  • We can also provide printed and unprinted laminated rollstock or pouches for other bakery items such as cookies, cakes, pastries and other baked products
  • Sustainable options available such as recyclable mono material pouches, recycled content, bio-based content, biodegradable or compostable materials


  • Breads
  • Pitas
  • English muffins
  • Tortillas
  • Hamburger and hotdog buns
  • Pastries, cookies, cakes