Personal Care Packaging – Top Quality Packaging for Personal Care and Hygiene Products

St. Johns is a leading personal care packaging supplier providing custom personal care packaging of superior quality. We support customers with ranging products in the personal care sector, including feminine hygiene, cleansing wipes, baby diapers and adult incontinence products.

At St. Johns, we provide premium quality printing with expertly sourced materials and impeccable attention to detail, so you can be sure all your personal care packaging requirements will be fulfilled at the highest standard.

Sustainable personal care packaging

St. Johns packaging allows companies to reduce material usage by downgauging without compromising the appearance or performance of their products. Our eco-friendly personal care packaging is made of polyethylene (PE) film that can be fully recycled.

We provide various sustainable options for personal care products, such as recyclable mono-material pouches, recycled content, bio-based content, biodegradable and compostable materials. Our numerous sustainable packaging solutions will help your company reduce its environmental impact without compromising quality.

We offer a wide range of personal care packaging types

The diversified printing press equipment and in house expertise enable St. Johns Packaging to provide its customers with high quality, precision and repeatability printing finishes. Whether you’re looking for complex print designs, opacity or transparency, we can do it!

St. Johns Packaging offers three types of packaging solutions for your personal care products. We offer wicket bags, rollstock and pouch packaging, which can be custom-tailored to the needs of each customer in terms of size, print, features, etc.

Wicket bags

St. Johns Packaging specializes in custom printed wicketed poly bags that keep personal care products protected for a long time. Wicket wire packaging expands the potential of wicket bags for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated packaging. Our wicket bags can be supplied in a variety of formats and sizes with different features such as perforations, vent holes, zippers, stickers, and others.

Rollstock packaging

Our rollstock film can be unprinted or printed with high-quality graphics for the most demanding personal care applications. We are a world-class flexible packaging manufacturer that specializes in producing superior quality laminated and unlaminated custom printed rollstock packages that your product safe and secured.

Pouch packaging

We pride ourselves on our innovative pouch packaging solutions with eye-catching graphics and superior functionality, as well as our commitment to sustainability. Our custom packaging for personal care products is designed to help your brand stand out on store shelves.

Our packaging works for a variety of personal care and hygiene products

Our high-barrier films provide stability and protection for various personal hygiene products for people of all ages. We offer a broad spectrum of packaging solutions for various personal care products, each carefully designed to fit all your custom needs.

Feminine hygiene products

You can be sure that your feminine hygiene products are contained in non-toxic, environmentally friendly packaging with our world-class flexible materials. We develop wicket bags with superior printing quality to provide reliable protection in feminine hygiene product packaging.

Baby diapers

St. Johns baby diaper packaging offers premium design and high functionality, ensuring the safety and security of the items inside. Our packaging comes in various styles and sizes, so you can pick the dimensions and features you want for your packaging.

Incontinence products

We produce discrete but visually appealing incontinence product packaging, that provides the necessary protection for your products, keeping them in mint condition and ensuring consumer convenience. The packaging is easy to open, yet completely tamper-free.

Wet and baby wipes packaging

Our company offers innovative methods to meet customers’ needs with a wide range of packaging technologies for cleaning wipes. When it comes to wet wipes packaging, you can choose from a variety of features and closure options that help keep moisture inside.

Personal care packaging features

St. Johns personal care packaging solutions offer an extended range of packaging features, from various formats and sizes to different sealing methods. We produce fully customizable bags that help your products stand out in crowded retail stores.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

Whether you choose an VELCRO ® zipper, slider closure, slider closure with an end clip or any other sealing option available, resealable zippers on our personal care packaging solutions make the opening and closing smooth and easy while keeping the product secured and protected.

Range of different gusset shapes

Flat, side, or bottom gusset – it’s entirely your choice. Different types of gussets are suited for various personal care products, and you can pick the one that best fits your needs. No matter what kind of product you have we provide wicket bags, rollstock and pouches for every occasion.

Perforations and vent holes

The perforations and vent holes in your personal care packaging enable the release of air so that there is no accumulation inside the pack without affecting the design or quality of your products.

High-definition printing & design

The diversified printing press equipment and in-house expertise enable St. Johns Packaging to provide customers with high quality, precision and repeatability printing finishes. Whether you’re looking for complex print designs, opacity or transparency, we can provide a suitable solution.

Variety of formats and sizes

All our personal care packaging is fully customizable so that you can choose from a wide variety of formats, styles and sizes. 

Our custom personal care packaging is designed to adapt to your manufacturing process

St. Johns Packaging custom personal care packaging is designed to adapt to your manufacturing process. It is suitable to run on Optima automated machines, HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) machines as well as manual and fully automatic machinery.

Our personal care packaging can be manufactured from a wide variety of substrates, including PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, Nylon, Tyvek, Cellophane, PLA, and metallized film.

We ensure that all our orders are printed perfectly, no matter the size of your project.