Rollstock Packaging – Superior-Quality Rollstock Film Supplier

St. Johns Packaging is a rollstock manufacturer that specializes in producing superior quality laminated and unlaminated custom rollstock packaging for various markets and purposes. Our rollstock film is perfect for industrial production, increasing packaging efficiency with both HFFS and VFFS machines. We supply unprinted and printed rollstock film with high-quality graphics for the most demanding applications.

At St. Johns, we provide premium quality printing with expertly sourced materials and impeccable attention to detail, to meet all rollstock packaging requirements.

Sustainable rollstock packaging

Our sustainable rollstock packaging helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while still maintaining a competitive edge. We produce rollstock film from 100% recyclable polyethylene (PE) and other eco-friendly materials.

St. Johns Packaging is committed to developing sustainable and economically viable flexible packaging solutions that reduce food and plastic waste. We strive to minimize our manufacturing operations environmental impact and carbon footprint while continuously developing more eco-friendly rollstock packaging.

Custom printed rollstock

St. Johns Packaging has superior print quality and high-definition flexographic technology, ensuring that your custom printed rollstock will have a premium look and feel, with industry-leading performance.

Superior print quality

Our sustainable, flexible packaging films have a consistent thickness, and they do not overstrain or stretch during the printing process, which results in superior print quality.

Various types of finishes

We offer various types of finishes, such as high gloss, metallic, matte, or a combination of coatings for maximum impact and an eye-catching look on the shelves.

10 & 8 colour gearless printing

Multiple 10 and 8 colour gearless printing presses available at St. Johns Packaging will give your products a premium, high-quality appearance, for maximum shelf impact.

Prepress services

Our subsidiary Flexograph offers pre-press services and the exceptional support team to walk you through the process and provide cost-effective solutions.

Laminated rollstock

St. Johns Packaging offers customized functional and barrier properties for your specific rollstock packaging as well as solvent-less laminations for reduced environmental impact. With a variety of substrates such as PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, Nylon, Tyvek, Cellophane, PLA, and Metallized film at your disposal, we are sure we have one that satisfies your needs.

High barrier rollstock lamination

We supply high barrier rollstock, available in metallized or clear films. These film laminations provide maximum durability and longer shelf life for perishable products. High barrier rollstock laminations protect product integrity and shield sensitive items from light, moisture, oxygen and other contaminants.

Metalized film lamination

Our metalized film laminations have superior barrier and bonding properties. The silver reflective material provides enhanced UV protection and improved barrier properties for longer shelf-life.

Solvent-less lamination

Solvent-less lamination successfully lowers the coat weight and has no risk of emissions while having a smaller footprint compared to solvent-based lamination. It is mainly applicable to consumable goods, ready-to-eat foods, frozen goods, fresh produce as well as non-food items that need an extended shelf-life.

We offer a wide range of rollstock film types

With a wide range of rollstock film types as well as the latest technology and production techniques, St. Johns Packaging can take your operation to the next level. Our engineering team ensures each film is designed to provide excellent forming properties, with great clarity, uniform thicknesses, and lay-flat properties.

OPP/CPP film packaging

The OPP/CPP film packaging is highly transparent, but it can also be produced with eye-catching graphics to make your goods more appealing on the shelf.

Polyethylene (PE) film packaging

Polyethylene (PE) film packaging offers excellent sealability, with both a high moisture barrier and high strength. It can be extruded with EVOH to give an improved barrier or with a high EVA content to improve sealability.

Polyester (PET) film packaging

With polyester (PET) film packaging, you get high clarity and strength while keeping low thickness and superb printability. This single-web, heat-sealable film packaging is suitable for various applications and can be metalized for extra barrier properties.

Other film substrates

Other than OPP/CPP, PE and PET film packaging, we also offer a wide assortment of other film substrates, such as Nylon, Tyvek, PLA, etc., for a vast range of applications with superior gas and moisture barriers.

Our rollstock packaging films work perfectly for a variety of applications

We produce high-quality rollstock packaging films specifically configured for optimal performance and customized based on your needs. Our flexible rollstock packaging works perfectly for a variety of applications, from frozen food to personal care products.

Bread and bakery products

St. Johns’ bread and bakery rollstock packaging films will keep your products fresh, safe, and aesthetically pleasing while increasing the shelf life of the items inside.

Fresh produce packaging

We offer a wide range of transparent and custom printed rollstock packaging, perfect for your fresh produce needs, with a possibility of lamination to increase durability and visual appeal.

Frozen food packaging

Our frozen food packaging is made with superior films and barriers, keeping your frozen products fresh and extending their shelf life without the possibility of freezer burns.

Pet food rollstock packaging

Durable and flexible materials of St. Johns’ pet food rollstock packaging ensure the food inside is safe and protected no matter what conditions it may encounter.

Candy and confectionary products

Your candy and confectionery products will be protected from all external factors with our rollstock packaging. We work with several barrier films and a variety of finishes and closure options that increase customer appeal.

Personal care and feminine hygiene products

No matter what type of personal care or feminine hygiene products you want to package, our flexible rollstock films can be customized to meet any packaging requirements you may have while keeping the product clean and safe.

Rollstock packaging features

St. Johns’ rollstock packaging keeps your product safe and makes it visually appealing with an extended range of packaging features, from micro and macro perforations to different layered films and fully customizable looks.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

Our rollstock packaging comes with optional resealable zippers that provide an easy-to-open option for effortless and convenient access to your products. We offer various zipper solutions, fully customizable depending on your requirements.

Micro & macro perforations

The micro and macro perforations in the packaging allow gas to filter through, which maintains more of a natural respiration rate and reduces spoilage. Hence, the food lasts longer while maintaining its freshness, flavour, and texture.

Mono, 3-layer and 5-layer films

At St. Johns Packaging, we can produce mono, 3-layer and 5-layer films, depending on your needs, which all can be used either for direct surface print and FFS (Form-Fill-and-Seal) or further lamination.

Fully customizable

All our rollstock packaging is fully customizable, from the visual appearance to recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable film options.

St. Johns rollstock packaging is designed to adapt to your manufacturing process

St. Johns Packaging custom extruded and converted rollstock film is designed to adapt to your manufacturing process.

Our rollstock film is printed and laminated on a roll that is then used with Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery that forms the package, fills it with the product and seals the bag or pouch closed. It is suitable to run on HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) machines as well as manual and fully automatic machinery.

We ensure that all our orders are printed perfectly, no matter the size of your project.