Flexible Pouch Packaging – High Quality Pouch Packaging Supplier

St. Johns Packaging specializes in creating sustainable, flexible pouch packaging to meet customers’ demands worldwide. We pride ourselves on our innovative packaging solutions, with superior eye-catching graphics and functionality tailored to each application, as well as our commitment to sustainability.

St. Johns Packaging is the one-stop source for all your needs. We manufacture superior quality pouch packaging for a range of industries including bakery products, frozen food, pet food as well as lawn and garden products. Our capabilities include pouch conversion and lamination, as well as prepress and design using superior-quality Flexographic technology.

Sustainable pouch packaging

Sustainable pouch packaging is designed to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact. St. Johns Packaging provides sustainable pouch packaging for customers who want cost-effective and recyclable pouches without compromising the quality.

We have many sustainable options available, such as recyclable mono-material pouches, recycled content, bio-based content, biodegradable or compostable materials. Our mono-material pouches provide an environmentally friendly option for even the most demanding applications.

Types of pouch packaging we offer

St. Johns Packaging offers a wide array of high-quality pouch shapes and formats that are tailored to the needs of each customer, across a variety of markets, from pet food to lawn products.

Stand up pouch packaging

The stand-up pouch packaging, designed with strength and performance in mind, guarantees premier shelf presence with ample space for HD graphics and product information.

Flat bottom pouch packaging

With its innovative design, our flat bottom pouch packaging is perfect for candy, snacks and pet food. Flat bottom pouches maximize shelf stability, increase branding space and also require less material.

Pinch bottom pouch packaging

Pinch bottom pouch packaging provides a larger filling volume. The eye-catching vertical structure of the pouches means that customers are more likely to find you on a crowded shelf.

2 & 3 side seal flat pouches

Side seal flat pouches enhance the consumer experience with recloseable features and increased product protection. Zippers and tear notches make them an excellent choice for both single-use and reusable products.

Round bottom pouch packaging

Round bottom pouch packaging offers a uniform shape that significantly increases shelf impact. Two vertically sealed edges strengthen the package’s overall structure, and a bottom gusset allows the bag to sit upright.

Fold and glue pinch bottom pouches – side gusset

Side gusset pouches are a great way to add stability and make your packaging stand out. Their folded and glued bottom ensures that your pouch packaging stays sealed and intact.

Award-winning pouch packaging technology

St. Johns Packaging company operates with award-winning technology, which received 4 Silver Awards in 2019 from the Flexible Packaging Association.


St Johns pouch packaging uses safe and sustainable materials

St. Johns pouch packaging is created from a wide variety of substrates, including PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, Nylon, Tyvek, Cellophane, PLA, Metallized film. Our custom pouch packaging can be used with a manual operation, automatic and semi-automatic machines, as well as with high-speed packaging equipment.

We are proud to offer an array of materials that maintain their quality, support vibrant graphics, and enable quick turnaround times, yet minimize the environmental footprint and impact on nature.

Food pouch packaging

St. Johns pouches are produced with high barrier materials that block oxygen and moisture to maintain product’s freshness and keep it from spoiling as well as preventing unwanted leaks, spills or releasing smells and odours.

Pouch packaging for snacks

Our custom pouch packaging for snacks is designed to keep your products safe and fresh. St. Johns flexible packaging will help your product stand out with effective graphics that support your branding. It is available for a variety of products, from organic and gourmet snacks to chips and cookies.

Pouch packaging for produce

The high-performance resealable pouches for produce lengthen the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce waste in both the supply chain as well as the consumer’s home. It’s a great way to protect your product while giving the consumer an enhanced experience.

Pouch packaging for frozen food

Our frozen food pouch packaging uses only the highest-quality films and barriers that protect against oxidation and dehydration from freezer burn (such as ice crystals). We supply pouch packaging that ensures product quality, safety, and shelf-life stability.

Pouch packaging for pet food

Our pet food pouch packaging is made of flexible materials with high barrier film laminations that protect against moisture, water, oxygen, and other contaminants. Stand-up pouches provide plenty of space to differentiate your pet food products with HD graphics and marketing information.

Pouch packaging for confectionery

St. Johns pouch packaging for confectionery is the perfect solution to contain, transport and display your chocolate, candy, and other sweets. Our pouches provide maximum convenience and functionality for consumers while also protecting them from heat and humidity.

Other pouch packaging applications

Secondary packaging

With our eye-catching secondary packaging, you can reinforce your branding and enhance product visibility even in the most saturated marketplaces.

Pouch packaging for lawn and garden products

We have a wide selection of superior pouch packaging for lawn and garden products with unique characteristics that will preserve active ingredients and secure the quality of the product.

Pouch packaging features

St. Johns Packaging offers a wide variety of pouch features, such as different types of gussets, handles and tear notches as well as accessories including easy open/close resealable zippers and pouch windows that improve functionality and convenience.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

Our pouch packaging comes with a variety of optional open/close zippers including press to close zippers, hook-and-loop, tactile, soft-touch, leak- and powder-resistant zippers, for effortless and convenient access to your products. Velcro® H3

Our consumer-friendly pouch packaging is offered with VELCRO® brand PRESS-LOK® closures. Designed for easy, smooth closure with a distinctive sound when fastening, it helps increase convenience and functionality.

Tear notches

Precise, tear notches on St. Johns flexible pouch packaging allow for easy opening and prevents packaging struggles that discourage consumers. Our easy-open cuts make accessing your product quick and convenient.

Micro perforations

The micro-perforations in the packaging allow gas to filter through, which maintains more of a natural respiration rate and reduces spoilage. Hence, the food lasts longer while maintaining its freshness, flavour, and texture.

Different types of gussets

We offer pouch packaging that comes with a variety of gussets, like flat, side, or bottom gusset. Each pouch can be fully customized with the type of gusset that’s most suitable for your products and application.

Pouch handles

Our pouches come with standard or custom handle holes that assist consumers with carrying large, awkward or heavy pouches. Die-cut dual and single handles ensure easy and convenient solutions for transporting and dispensing products.

Reinforced headers

First-class pouch packaging with reinforced headers offers extra space for custom images at the bag’s top, providing a flat surface to feature your branding. Pouches can also have a hole in the header, allowing you to display products vertically.

Rounded corners

Rounded pouch corners provide a distinctive style helping your products achieve higher prominence on store shelves. It eliminates sharp edges decreasing the potential for injury, making it easier to handle while improving the strength and durability of the packaging.

Glossy, matte & metallic finishes

Choose a finish that best suits your needs! Matte is perfect for a non-glare look. Smooth or glossy finishes will give you shiny, and highly effective appearance, while slightly lustrous metallic finishes will set your packaging apart from the competition.

Pouch windows

Different types of high clarity pouch windows allow your products to be seen without losing the freshness of the product or weakening the odour barrier. It’s a perfect way to display the quality of your products and enhance your brand image.