Pet Food Packaging – Superior-Quality Pet Food Packaging Supplier

St. Johns Packaging is a superior-quality pet food packaging supplier that specializes in creating custom pet food bags with expertly sourced materials and impeccable attention to detail. We provide flexible pet food packaging produced with high-barrier materials that keep pet food products fresh and secured.

Our highly experienced team understands the pet food market and customer needs and uses its expertise to fulfill all your pet food packaging needs. We love our furry friends and want to provide the best possible sustainable packaging, safe for them and the environment.

Sustainable pet food packaging

St. Johns’ sustainable pet food packaging is a durable and eco-friendly packaging option for the pet food industry. Lightweight PE film, combined with easy recycling, delivers sleek and discrete packaging that preserves the environment and is appealing to eco-conscious pet owners. We offer unique, environmentally friendly pet food packaging that can incorporate recycled content or bio-sourced materials.

We offer a wide range of pet food packaging types

St. Johns Packaging offers a wide range of packaging options for your pet food needs. We specialize in rollstock and pouch packaging, taking all of the factors that are important to you, like size, print, features, etc., into consideration.

Rollstock packaging

Rollstock pet food packaging is an innovative and superior way to preserve the freshness of your product. Whether you’re looking for unprinted film or printed with high-quality graphics, we have the right solution for you. Superior quality laminated and unlaminated rollstock film provides improved barrier properties that ensure a longer shelf-life.

Pouch packaging

We provide flexible pouch packaging solutions for pet food with eye-catching graphics and superior functionality. Our wide range of pouch packaging formats includes stand-up pouches, flat-bottom pouches and various other shapes perfectly suitable for any type of animal food, including dry and wet food as well as pet treats.

Our packaging works great for dry and wet pet food

We offer a wide range of pet food packaging solutions including for any type of animal, regardless of if it is dry or wet food. We manufacture flexible packaging that extends the shelf life of your pet food products by using high-quality materials with various barrier properties to suit your pet food packaging needs.

Dog food bags

Our dog food bags can be made with easy open/close zippers for reuse purposes. All the dog food packaging is made with a high barrier material, ensuring prolonged shelf life, and providing good palatability protection, aroma shield, and improved self-supporting stability.

Cat food bags

St. Johns’ premium cat food packaging is durable, puncture-proof and provides maximum protection against humidity, moisture, sunlight, and heat. Many custom cat food packaging options, such as resealable zip closures and various styles, are included in our offer and can help elevate your brand.

Packaging for all types of animal food

Whatever type of animal food you produce, be it birds, fish, or any other beautiful creature, we can provide custom packaging for your products. With our wide assortment of materials, styles, finishes, and sizes, we are sure you will find the perfect pet food packaging that fits your needs.

Pet treats packaging

We produce top-notch pet treats packaging that protects the inner content against all external conditions without affecting the visual appeal. Our pet treat bags are custom-tailored to your requirements, be it jerky, training treats or baked dog treats.

Pet food packaging features

St. Johns pet food packaging offers an extended range of packaging features, from different types of gussets to various formats and sizes. We produce fully customizable bags that will allow your product to stand out from the competition.

Protective barrier

Extend the shelf life of your pet food products with our high-quality packaging that keeps your product fresh while also keeping it safe and protected from oxygen, moisture, and external microorganisms and dust, without releasing any odour.

Easy open/close resealable zippers

Our pet food pouches and bags come with an optional zipper to preserve the product once you open it. Zippers allow customers to re-seal the packaging, which is important for products that are not entirely used in one go. It also has a locking mechanism that preserves aromas while preventing leaks or spills, all in one!

Rounded corners

Rounded corners on pet food bags give our pouches a distinctive style and make them easily noticeable on store shelves. The rounded corners of the packaging design eliminate the potential for injury, making it easier to handle while improving the strength and durability of the packaging.

Tear notches

Precise, clear-cut tear notches on St. Johns’ flexible pet food packaging allow for easy opening and prevent packaging struggles that discourage consumers. Our perfectly designed tear notches can improve your packaging functionality without affecting the attractive look of your product.

Pouches with windows

Different types of high clarity pouch windows allow your products to be seen without losing the freshness of the product or weakening the odour barrier. This also enhances the attractiveness of your pet food and helps improve the overall appeal of your product.

High-definition printing & design

At St Johns, we provide premium quality printing with expertly sourced materials and impeccable attention to detail, so you can be sure all your pet food packaging requirements will be fulfilled.

Variety of formats and sizes

All our pet food packaging is fully customizable so that you can choose from a wide variety of formats, styles and sizes. We offer a variety of features such as windows, zippers, tear notches, holes, micro-perforations, handles, as well as various finishes including matte, glossy and metallic finishes.

Our custom pet food packaging adapts perfectly to your manufacturing process

St. Johns Packaging custom pet food packaging is designed to adapt to your manufacturing process. It is suitable to run on HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) machines as well as manual and fully automatic machinery.

Our pet food packaging can be manufactured from a wide variety of substrates, including PE, PET, BOPP, CPP, Nylon, Tyvek, Cellophane, PLA, and metallized film.

We ensure that all our orders are printed perfectly, no matter the size of your project.