St. Johns Packaging produces North America’s first polyethylene bread bag with post-consumer recycled content

St. Johns Packaging and Bimbo Bakeries USA have partnered to launch the first polyethylene bread bag in North America made with post-consumer recycled content. The bread bag incorporates 30% post-consumer recycled polyethylene content and is fabricated from PCR resins produced from FDA-compliant source material and with a recycling process that is subject of a No Objection Letter issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The incorporation of PCR content has been a key area of development for St. Johns Packaging, with multiple trials run to ensure the quality and performance of the materials. The use of PCR content gives value to plastic waste, which is needed to foster growth in the recycling industry.

The bags are certified by SCS Global Services, which independently verifies the percentage of the product that was made with post-consumer recycled materials, to be able to make a claim in the marketplace.

St. Johns Packaging has been working on circular economy solutions for several years and believes it is an area set for growth. Many CPGs and retailers have made sustainability commitments for 2025 or 2030 and need to move fast to achieve their goals. St. Johns hopes to see more companies adopting the use of recycled materials in their products and will continue on its mission of developing economically viable sustainable packaging solutions.


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