St. Johns Packaging is proud to work with the world’s first wonky bread subscription service

St. Johns Packaging is very proud to be working with Earth and Wheat, the first wonky bread subscription box in the world, connecting UK bakeries with customers looking to reduce food waste. Earth and Wheat is a subscription service, where consumers sign up to receive a box containing ultra-fresh and delicious but misshaped or imperfect looking bakery products, which would otherwise have gone to waste.

Food waste is a major issue worldwide, with around 20% of the bread purchased at home being thrown away every year. St. Johns Packaging is pleased to be part of the solution by providing fully recyclable bags for wonky and surplus tortillas, crumpets, pitas, pancakes and more.

This is an innovative program, rescuing perfectly good products that due to their appearance would have been discarded. In the UK 15.8% of food waste in 2018 was at the point of production, and Earth & Wheat is putting a stop to this. What makes it even better is that for every bread box ordered, a meal is donated to charity, helping the community and people in need. 

We look forward to seeing Earth & Wheat grow their rescue operation in Europe and North America, and we hope to continue contributing to making a difference in the fight against food waste and climate change.